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Top 5 Holiday Gifts for MMA Fans


With two weeks until Christmas, it’s the perfect time to buy a gift for that MMA fan in your life. After all, you’re not going to find the perfect present scavenging through the mall on Christmas Eve. This is the year to plan ahead and we have some great gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

Here are the top five MMA gifts this holiday season:

5. Magazine Subscription

ultimate mma cover

The fan that needs their daily fix will appreciate a magazine subscription. Ultimate MMA, UFC Magazine, Fight! Magazine and Tapout are just a few option and most can be purchased in either print or online form. The prices and frequency rates vary for each publication, but their interviews and analysis are worth the wait.

4. UFC: Ultimate Fight Collection – 2013 Edition

UFC fight collection 13

Over 200 fights are split into 20 discs in this year’s UFC compilation. In the last year, we’ve seen Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche become the first women to compete in the octagon, Georges St.-Pierre destroy Nick Diaz, and Anderson Silva face Chael Sonnen in their highly anticipated rematch. It was a great year that one can relive over and over again. Regularly $134, you can find it on Amazon and the UFC store for about $80.

3. Into the Cage: The Rise of UFC Nation by Nick Gullo

into the cage cover

Through his anecdotes and behind-the-scenes photographs, Nick Gullo gives readers a ringside look into the formation of the UFC. From its debut in 1993 to the worldwide leader it has become, Gullo describes the UFC’s trials and tribulations while giving readers an intimate sneak peak into the lives of their favorite fighters. The remarkable photos and in-depth stories make Into the Cage a great gift. Amazon and Barnes and Noble list the book at $22.

2. MMA Apparel

kickboxing gloves

As kids, we hated getting clothes for Christmas. Adults, however, will tell you clothes are near the top of their wish list. Save an MMA fan a trip to the store with fighting shorts, grappling gloves or a t-shirt. Most websites will offer free shipping when going over a certain amount, but MMAWarehouse.com also throws in a free UFC Magazine subscription. Just be sure to check the estimated arrival date.

1. Enrollment in MMA Class

mma gym

The best holiday gift is one that betters a person’s physical and mental health. Joining an MMA class is an experience unlike any other. Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Yoga, and Muai Thai are among dozens of classes available to men and women. While the price can be anywhere between $50-150 per month, most gyms offer a free trial period and a one-month membership may be more than enough to get someone motivated.