Home Events Invicta FC Live Results: Barb Honchak vs. Leslie Smith (flyweight title fight)

Invicta FC Live Results: Barb Honchak vs. Leslie Smith (flyweight title fight)

Photo courtesy Invicta FC

Invicta FC flyweight champion Barb Honchak defends her flyweight title against tough Leslie Smith.

Round 1: The two fighters stayed in the stand-up for the entire first round. Honchak tried a takedown, but Smith stuffed it.  Smith went for a head kick, but Honchak ducked under it and took Smith down. Smith got her back and tried to put on a choke, but Smith rolled out of it. Honchak went back for it, but Smith pulled Honchak’s arm from under her neck to end the round.

Round 2: Honchak dropped Smith with a front kick about a minute into the round. She popped up and the fought in the center of the cage until Honchak took Smith down again. Smith tried to kick off the cage and then used it to stand back up. The action returned to the center of the cage. Honchak is a step ahead with her timing and speed. Smith keeps her head low in the standup, which is good because Honchak is throwing hard.

Round 3: Smith got a little more confident, let her hands go and landing with some shots that seemed to shake the champion. The two traded punches and kicks for most of the round, until Honchak took her down with about 25 seconds left in the round. Both fighters seemed to slow their pace in round three to prepare for the championship rounds.

Round 4: After their usual standup, Honchak shot for the takedown and slammed Smith down. Honchok got on top looking for the ground-and-pound. Smith pushed hard to get up, while Honchak pushed equally as hard to keep her down. Eventually the taller Smith powered up and the two returned to action in the center of the cage. Smith does a great job of protection her chin, so it’s hard for Honchak to get in a clean blow. Smith kept coming forward to end the round.

Round 5: Sensing that she made need to finish the fight to win the title, Smith stepped it up and is throwing a lot of punches. Honchak is standing with her, but neither fighter is landing clean.  Smith landed a few knees to the mid-section as she was coming in. Not wanting to taste Smith’s power anymore, Honchak took Smith down halfway through the round. Smith, however, fought through it and powered back up. Smith landed with combinations to Honchak’s face. Honchak tried to take Smith down, but failed, only to take her down successfully after a second try. Smith went for a kimura with Honchak on top of her, but couldn’t get it. Honchak stayed on top of her and Smith gave up her back. Smith scrambled to end the round.

Honchak defended her title, winning 49-47 on three judges’ scorecards.

“I was happy with my takedowns,” Honchak said in the post-fight interview.