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Invicta FC 7 Live Results: Felice Herrig vs.Tecia Torres


It’s new Invicta FC signee Felice Herrig vs. Tecia Torres in a strawweight battle. Herrig, the former Bellator star, is the No. 5 ranked strawweight in the world and making her Invicta FC debut.

Round 1: Herrig quickly shot for the takedown but Torres tied her up and reversed Herrig against the cage. The twisted each other around. Herrig tried to jump on Torres’ back, but Torres slipped it and pushed her back against the cage. She backed off and let the fight return to the middle of the cage.

Torres rushed in and caught Herrig with a flurry of shots, but Herrig took them well and used her Muay Thai to tie Torres up and back her off. Torres is winning the boxing battle, catching Herrig almost every time she comes in. Torres land punches and head kicks, forcing Herrig to shoot for the takedown to end the round.

Round 2: Herrig was more careful to start the round, keeping her distance and not running forward with her head first. The two traded leg kicks for much of the first two minutes of the round. When Herrig came in, Torres caught her with a right hand. Herrig kept leaving her left hand low. Torres seemed content laying back trying to counter punch, and Herrig wasn’t in a rush to exchange blows. Torres turned it on in the last 10 seconds of the round, landing a flurry of punches.

Round 3: Torres was content to keep her distance and let Herrig come forward. Every time Herrig leans in Torres smacks her with some counter-punches. Herrig tried to use her Muay Thai skills to close the distance and she locked Torres up against the cage. The two locked each other up, reversing positions against the cage. Torries pulled off a big leg sweep to take Herrig down. Torres tried the ground and pound, but Herrig reversed it and got into the top position, just as the round ended.

Torres won the fight by unanimous decision. With the win Torres moves to 4-0 and Herrig drops to 9-5.