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Invicta FC 7 Live Results: Charmaine Tweet vs. Julia Budd


A Muay Thai fight erupted as soon as soon as the bell rang. Julia Budd quickly backed Charmaine Tweet into the cage and then took her down. Budd controlled from the side position. She elbowed her repeatedly from the top and even caught her in a north-south position.

Round 1: Budd stuck to her like glue before Tweet eventually pulled her into her guard. Budd stood up to try to get Tweet to follow, but Tweet stayed on her  back. Although Budd dominated elbows and knees, she didn’t really do a whole lot of damage to Tweet, who protected from back fairly well through the round.

Round 2: Budd quickly took her down again and rolled her into a north-south position. Budd was content laying on top of her until Tweet caught her with a good upkick. Tweet laid on her back and scooted like many of the early Japanese MMA fighters. She clearly wanted to lure Budd to the mat and into her Jiu-Jitsu.

Tweet turned her around and then caught her in a front choke briefly, but Budd escaped. Budd landed back on top from the side position as Tweet tried to kick off the cage for leverage. Tweet refused to get up even when Budd stood up and landed two right hands while she was down.

Round 3: The two kept it standing up for about 30 seconds until Budd took Tweet down again and laid on top of her. Tweet pulled her into her guard and although Budd was in control, she wasn’t really doing any damage. Budd stood up again, but Tweet stayed on the mat, throwing upkicks. Budd got tired of it and went back to the mat as the round ended.

Budd won by unanimous decision. UFC bantamweight Meisha Tate is doing the post-fight interview.

Brazilian Vanessa Porto defeated Zoila Frausto Gurgel by unanimous decision in the opening fight on the Invicta FC card.

The two battled in a competitive, mostly standup fight.