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UFC Fight Night 33 Results: Hunt and Bigfoot Engage in Classic, Fight to a Draw


The main event followed in the footsteps of a horrific knockout from Mauricio Rua. This bout threatened to steal the ‘Knockout of the Night’ bonus though as Mark Hunt took on Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva.

Round 1: The heavyweights were cautious of one another’s finishing power, respectful of the fact that this fight could end at a moment’s notice. Silva used a front kick to the body followed by a jab several times in the first, landing on each. Silva was able to drop Hunt who is known for having a strong chin. Hunt was more stunned than hurt and recovered quickly. The two found range and timing in the first .

Round 2: Silva did a nice job of keeping his hands high in defense of the strikes of Hunt. He also utilized a strong lead leg kick that damaged Hunt. Hunt was the aggressor in the round though as he moved forward for most of the round. Hunt finally landed a clean shot of his own which wobbled Silva. Silva was fine after a few seconds and regained his footing. Hunt’s leg was visibly damaged as he limped to the corner after the end of the round.

Round 3: Hunt was the first to successfully land a takedown. He did so in succession, gaining several in a row. Hunt had some success halfway through this round as he dropped Silva with a straight. Hunt chased him to the mat and landed some big shots on the ground. Hunt maintained top-control and seemingly stole the 3rd round.

Round 4: Both men came out in round four with urgency. Hunt secured the clinch though and dragged Silva against the cage. Hunt chased Silva back and tackled him to the go run again with another powerful takedown. Hunt showed improved submission defense as he worked his ways round the guard of Silva. Both heavyweights exchanged massive shots as the crowd jumped to their feet. Both Silva and Hunt were rocked until Hunt shot for a takedown. Silva reversed the attempt and got in to full mount. Silva trapped Hunt by the throat and dropped absolute bombs on to Hunt’s head. Hunt never shut down and even threw back all the while maintaining enough wherewithal to stave off a referee stoppage. Silva ended the round on top.

Round 5: The final round was an indescribable bloodbath that earned it a spot in the ‘Fight of the Year’ conversation. A battle where both fighters needed a rest but neither was willing to give the other an opening to end it. An Embrace to end the round that is a razor-thin slugfest capped off a round that went back and forth in the most literal sense. Perhaps the best heavyweight bout in the past five years. The fifth round was one that didn’t definitively determine a inner but instead cemented this fight in the memory banks of fight fans for years to come.

Official Result: Mark Hunt and Antonio Fight to a Majority Draw (48-47, 47-47, 47-47)