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UFC Fight Night 33 Results: Bader Batters Perosh, Earns Decision Win


A light-heavyweight bout pitted divisional contender Ryan Bader against the 41-year-old Anthony Perosh who returns to action after a 14-second knockout over Vinny Magalhaes in his last outing.

Round 1: Perosh’s heart was tested early and often in this bout. A heavy underdog was battered quickly and rarely found his footing. He has some brief flashes of coherence as he landed a few clean shots. Bader was simply too powerful for Perosh though, hitting him at ease on the feet and being dominated on the mat. Bader never let up yet Perosh never gave up, absorbing shots and scrambling back to his feet several times in the first round.

Round 2: Bader again dominated Perosh on the ground. He landed shots at will and only busted Perosh’s face up even more. Perosh stuck with it, even without a clear answer to Bader’s pressure, he remained a thorn in Bader’s side, refusing to be put away. The round took place entirely on the mat with Bader playing paperweight to Perosh’s paper.

Round 3: Perosh literally blitzed Bader in the final round but was countered, rocked, and taken down immediately. Bader was like a song on repeat. Perosh’s face was covered in blood and the Aussie looked to be on his way out several times but was somehow able to stand up or change position long enough to get a breath and prolong the fight. I would like to hear Perosh call it a career after this one-sided beating as he has certainly gained fans in his UFC career (myself included) for his indomitable will and brief streak at light heavyweight. Bader though was the stronger, fresher fighter in the Octagon tonight. Not much in the way of prognosis for his next fight but a win is a win for Bader.

Official Result: Ryan Bader defeats Anthony Perosh via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)