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UFC Fight Night 33 Results: Correia Escapes with Narrow Split Decision Win


The first bout of the UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs. Bigfoot was a women’s bantamweight bout between Julie Kedzie and Bethe Correia. The weigh-in staredown was a memorable one as Kedzie refused to be phased by Correia’s tactics.

Round 1: A range-finding round to start the main card turned in to a technical strike fest as Kedzie and Correia both showcased their diverse striking. Kedzie was keen to thrown spinning attacks to throw Correia off as the latter used her muay thai land effective counters and leg kicks to soften Kedzie. Correia kept up a great pace with Kedzie happy to accommodate, although Kedzie was the most visibly damaged of the two. Correia ended the round securing the fight’s first takedown.

Round 2: Kedzie’s confidence grew in the second round. She snuck in on her shots and landed while rarely catching return shots on her way in or out. Correia wasn’t stagnant in this round however. She answered when she could and seemed eager to throw back, even smiling and waving Kedzie in after absorbing a hard shot. Kedzie stuffed Correia’s takedowns in this round but was held against the cage, only momentarily.

Round 3: Kedzie’s activity seemed to earn her valuable points as she side-stepped with lateral movement constantly. Correia scored an extremely valuable takedown in the third round. Correia pushed Kedzie along the mat and towards the cage which worked in Kedzie’s favor as she used the wall to try and stand. Upon doing so, Kedzie gave up her back but just for an instant until they broke free and stood back up. The fight was very competitive up until the final bell as the bout ended with a crazy flurry from both women.

Official Result: Bethe Correia defeats Julie Kezie via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)