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Are Rings More Dangerous than Cages? UFC Exec Tom Wright Thinks So


UFC executive Tom Wright has ambitious plans for the company’s growth in Australia. Unfortunately, a particular legality is currently obstructing his endeavor for expansion.

The cage is illegal in two states of the country. It just happens so that the UFC only uses cages.

According to a recent report by MMA Junkie, Wright said that his company’s decision to only use cages is better for the sport because rings are more dangerous for fighters and fans.

“[MMA] is not safe in a boxing ring,” Wright claimed. “It’s actually very dangerous for the athletes, for the fans, for the officials, and it’s not fair. It’s not a level playing field.”

The subject is highly debatable. Considering that the cage has been a significant part of the company’s image since its beginnings in the early 90’s, it’s no surprise that Wright is vouching for the symbol of the company that he’s working for.

“A boxing ring was designed for boxers,” Wright explained. “These guys aren’t boxers – they’re mixed martial artists. So let them compete in an environment that’s designed for their sport.”

Over the years, the topic of ‘ring vs. cage’ has been a highly contested one in the mixed martial arts community. The former rival company to the UFC, known as Pride Fighting Championships, used a ring and had great success.

Even so, Wright still favors the cage. His problem is that he’s having trouble persuading some officials in Australia.