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Alexander Emelianenko Threatens to Have His Enemies Shot


Less than a week after Mirko “Cro Cop” made unfavorable comments about the Emelianenko brothers, Alexander Emelianenko has made some bizarre comments regarding his criminal ties. While he wasn’t specific, Emelianenko seemingly threatened to have his “enemies” shot.

“I have my bandits,” Emelianenko told R-Sports in an interview Friday.

When asked about his enemies, he said, “They will [profanity] me over for only so long, and then I will shoot them all.”

A Legend 2 match between Cro Cop and Fedor’s younger brother was scratched when Emelianenko was accused of beating up a 63-year-old man last month. Legend Fight Show President Ruslan Suleymanov said that his unprofessional behavior and lack of preparation for the Cro Cop fight were enough to terminate Emelianenko’s lucrative contract.

“I leave without comments Sasha’s claims that he will engage criminals to deal with me and my colleague Vadim Finkelstein,” Suleymanov said. “These are not our methods, but it looks like Alexander’s. Let it rest on his conscience and open people’s eyes in Russia so that they see and understand what this man is like.”

For his part, Emelianenko countered with “Suleymanov is a liar. He lied in order to cast a shadow on me. Suleymanov should have his mouth shut for him, and no one should speak with him at all.”

While Emelianenko’s criminal history is hazy at best, speculation persists that he spent somewhere between 3-5 years in prison; a claim he vehemently denies. He averted jail time for last month’s beating when both parties settled out of court.