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Jon Jones Eyes UFC Heavyweight Division

Photo by Al Bello/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

According to MMA Weekly, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones recently stated at Gentlemen’s Expo in Toronto that he plans to permanently move up to the heavyweight division within the next two years.

“I think that’s going to happen within the next two years. I’ll go up to heavyweight, permanently,” he said.

Jones also wasn’t shy of mentioning a potential fight with UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez. In the past, there’s been talks of a super fight between the two, but the talks were only speculative; the UFC never made any official announcement on the matter.

“I’ve been really thinking about me and Cain Velasquez going at it. Don’t be surprised if you see that sooner or later.”

Velasquez weighs in at approximately 240 pounds. Currently, Jones’ natural weight before cutting to 205 is around 230. If Jones hopes to compete as a heavyweight, he knows he’s going to have to bulk up a little bit.

“I would gain about 10 pounds of muscle and compete with him at about 240 [pounds],” he predicted.

At the moment, it’s unclear whether the UFC would want Jones to win a few fights at heavyweight before getting a title shot, or if they would just immediately match him up against Velasquez. Neither the UFC nor Velasquez have officially commented on a potential fight with Jones as of yet.