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UFC: The Ultimate Fighter Finale: Julianna Peña vs. Jessica Rakoczy

Photo courtesy Julianna Pena Facebook Page

Julianna Pena is the first female winner of the The Ultimate Fighter.

Pena came out like the Tasmanian Devil, backing Rakoczy up against the cage and then taking her down.

Rakoczy tried to triangle choke her and then kicked Pena off of her with a big right foot to the stomach. Pena tied her up again against the cage and then overpowered her down to the mat. Rakoczy tried to pull her into her guard and Pena passed it and delivered elbows to her Rakoczy’s head.

Pena was a whirlwind, going for the finish with huge right hands. Pena landed blows to the head and Rakoczy scrambled on her back toward the cage. Rakoczy tried to hook Pena with her legs, but Pena pulled them off and continued to pound Rakoczy’s face. Rakoczy turned and gave her back momentarily, and then just covered her face. The referee stepped in and stopped the fight after Pena landed more than a dozen unanswered punches, with one second left in the first round.

Pena never gave Rakoczy a chance to breathe, just overwhelming her with massive punches. Rakoczy’s face was mangled mess after the fight, with big knots over her forehead.

Pena was Tate’s first overall pick on The Ultimate Fighter.

“I am just grateful for the opportunity to fight in the UFC,” Pena said.