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Video: How to Survive the ‘Knockout Game’


Rener Gracie and Eve Torres share some tips on how to defend yourself against people playing the “knockout game.”

  • Bob shoemaker

    Fuck jiu jitsu in this situation. I will unload my entire clip in u and ur crew For This type Of crap

  • Walter D. Camacho

    I partially disagree. In military training, they’re trained to remain “partially aware” and profile potential threats in different situation using all their senses to do so. While it is not perfect, I would much rather prefer that method than believe that some would not dare attack at some points. The issue with this approach is simple: You’re still open for assassination, robbery, assault, hold-ups, etc… They could also simply gang-up on the “suspecting target” given they have numbers, so they’d feel confident in their failure.

    • Walter D. Camacho

      Also, about the second green-zone… You’re still vulnerable to knees and dirty fighting techniques, such as groin shots or hair-grabbing…. These aren’t guys who have the least reservation about using those.