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Kenny Florian and Eddie Alvarez Discuss the ‘Knockout Game’ Spree

Kenny Florian (pictured) proposes changes to fix MMA judging. Photo via UFC / Getty Images.

If anyone knows about being hit in the face, its mixed martial artists. Men and women who train for their entire lives to be able to withstand punches and kicks while also delivering some in return on a sanctioned and fair stage.

So when it comes to this pathetic new ‘game’ called knockout, who better to weigh in on these absolutely atrocious human beings than two men who have made a career out of fighting.

First, Kenny Florian opened up to FOX Sports:

“The stupidity of this is mind-boggling. Is this the world we are living in now? What happened to kids playing sports? What happened to going out and watching a funny movie? What happened to video games? What happened to respect and common decency? Never did I expect to give a “these kids these days” kind of speech but nothing sickens me more than seeing kids in the United States doing ignorant things such as knocking people out for fun. Not only can they severely injure and even kill someone, but they themselves risk death in the process. One such teenager got shot a couple times and ended up in jail for his attack. It is the ultimate irony if kids are doing this to see how “manly” they are. There is absolutely nothing manly about knocking out a person who is not expecting to be hit and there is certainly nothing funny about hurting anyone.”

Bellator Lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez also shared his opinion via YouTube:

“It’s the most cowardice thing you can do in my eyes. So, if you’re listening, and I want to get some video of some real fighters who are on this discussion and see how they feel about it. But, in my eyes it’s the most cowardice thing you can do. Is hit somebody isn’t looking at you and hit somebody who isn’t prepared for you. If you want to be a real man and you want to be courageous and you want to have the respect of your peers and people around you, you should prepare and be ready for a real fight from someone who’s also prepared for you.”

This is the farthest thing from a game and clearly needs to be put to an end. Just a reminder to be aware in public because you don’t know what kind of terrible people are out there.