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UPDATE: Shane Del Rosario Still On Life Support

UFC heavyweight fighter Shane del Rosario. (Kent Treptow/Daily Pilot / September 17, 2013)

UPDATE (1:05 PM PST, November 29th): Shane Del Rosario is still on life support.  Although there has been no significant change in Mr. Del Roasio’s condition sources close to the family have confirmed they have decided to give him more time in the hopes that he may yet come through.  They are trying to give him as much time as possible to fight his way back to a conscious state.  We continue to wish Shane, his family and friends the absolute best and hope that he does indeed win this fight!  

We will continue to update you of any changes in his status.


UPDATE  (3:15 PM PST): Apparently the widespread reports of Mr. Del Rosario’s death were slightly premature.  According to a source close to the family there is no brain function although his other organs are operating on life support.  They are giving him until sometime tomorrow before they make the decision to cease life support on Mr. Del Rosario.  According to a public statement made my Mr. Del Rosario’s father. There is a very, very small chance that he may regain brain function, and we certainly hope that he does, in which .  Please send out your thoughts and prayers to Shane and his family during these very critical hours of patience and observation.  

We will update you with the his status upon any changes!


On Tuesday, November 26th, UFC heavyweight Shane Del Rosario was taken to the Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport Beach, California. Numerous reports have indicated that the thirty year old professional mixed martial artist suffered two heart attacks before going into full cardiac arrest.

According to Del Rosario’s longtime friend and training partner, Erik Apple, Del Rosario was found passed out in his bathroom in the early morning by his roommate, UFC flyweight Ian McCall. McCall immediately called 911 and began administering CPR in a desperate attempt to save his friend’s life. Eventually, Del Rosario was taken to the hospital where he was resuscitated in the emergency room and his heart rhythm and blood pressure were stabilized.

According to a report from ESPN  doctors used every method at their disposal to savedDel Rosario’s life:

Doctors at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport Beach, Calif., modulated Del Rosario’s body temperature near 90 degrees Fahrenheit using an Arctic Sun Temperature Management System, in hopes of inducing a therapeutic hypothermia and restarting his body and brain functions.

By 5 p.m. PT doctors began raising the 30-year-old heavyweight’s core temperature.

“His body is coming around physically, his organs are slowly coming back online,” said Colin Oyama, the fighter’s longtime trainer, who texted from the hospital, where he joined members of the Del Rosario family. “Now they are working on getting his brain to kick in. They have begun to raise his core temperature in hopes that his brain will activate after approximately 15-24 hours.”

Had it not been for McCall finding him and calling 911, it’s very likely that Del Rosario would not have had a chance.

Sherdog reported comments from Erik Apple explaining the seriousness of Del Rosario’s condition at the time.

“Yesterday [Tuesday] there was very little hope for him to even make it past that day,” Apple said to Sherdog. “It was down to the point where his liver and kidneys weren’t functioning. He was on dialysis. They had to give him the maximum amount of medication that they can just so they could get his blood pressure at an acceptable level.”

As the evening progressed Del Rosario’s showed some signs of improvement.

“Since then, he’s actually had some positive signs. No. 1, his kidneys are functioning…he doesn’t have any problems with his organs right now as far as I know,” he added. “Early this morning they began weaning him of off the blood pressure medication.”

“From what we’re told, if Shane is going to survive, and he’s going to be OK, it would be a big deal,” Apple explained.

SciFigthing was notified of the incident yesterday and based on the information we had at hand our honest scientific assessment of his condition was that there would be a very limited likelihood for a full recovery.  We attempted to contact Hoag hospital at 10:30 AM this morning for a status update on his condition yet they no longer had his name on the registered patients list which lead us to fear the worst.

A few hours later (according to ESPN) a post surfaced on, Del Rosario’s coach, Colin Oyama’s Facebook:

“The Del Rosario family and I, and all of our family, team-mates and friends thank everyone for their prayers and support. God has a different path for Shane to take and instead has chosen to take Him away from us to be with his forefathers in Heaven. Yet through all of this our Faith in GOD remains unwavering.”

Since the incident last night, a web of rumors and speculations surfaced pertaining to the nature of the double heart attack. Apple confirmed with Sherdog that Del Rosario had no previously known heart condition, and no information contradicting that claim has been brought to light.

Whatever the cause of this most unfortunate event, it’s important to consider the feelings of the Del Rosario family at this highly emotional time. At this moment, the question of how this happened is not as important as it is to remember what a good friend, athlete, colleague and fighter he was.

Here at SciFighting, our prayers, thoughts, and condolences go out to his family, friends, teammates and all his fans. Though we know it may be difficult, we wish the happiest Thanksgiving possible for his family and hope that some comfort may come from the fact that his passing was fairly swift and hopefully free of significant pain.

May Shane Del Rosario rest in peace and always be remembered as a valued contributor to an elite community of athletes and fans.