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Chael Sonnen’s Mom Fears for Her Son’s Life in Brazil

Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

It’s no mystery that Brazil hates Chael Sonnen. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Chael’s mom is fearing for her son’s life while he’s coaching opposite Wanderlei Silva for the third season of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil. 

Some of you may be laughing, but Mrs. Sonnen actually does have some legitimate concerns. Sonnen’s feuds over the years with Brazil’s most prominent mixed martial artists has earned him the disdain of…well, to put it simply: basically everyone in the country. Not known for being a soft speaker, Sonnen trash talked all of his Brazilian opponents and never shied away from making jokes about their home country. He once called them a bunch of people with “blow darts.”

Here’s a copy of Claudia Sonnen’s plea via MMA Mania:

“I’m worried about his safety during filming there. I know you all are legal, decent people,” she said (H/T MMA Mania). “My sister and her family received an exchange student from Brazil who has lived in her house when Chael was younger and they have shared many hours with each other. That said, it only takes one to ruin it…and I pray that you not allow someone to reach Chael in person. He is a great coach and is eager to help the young fighters as much as he can.”

Despite the UFC protecting Sonnen with extra security, Chael’s mom is still scared. After all, Wanderlei Silva did call for his head after their altercation at the Olympia expo in Las Vegas back in September. Let’s just hope Brazilians don’t take Silva’s demands for Chael’s decapitation literally.