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Matt Grice Describes His Car Accident, Not Ruling Out a Return to Competition

Photo via MMAFighting.com

Earlier this year, UFC fighter and police officer Matt Grice was involved in a serious car accident that left him in a coma.

In September, the 32-year old fighter was struck while stopped at a red light by a distracted driver. Due to the severity of his injuries, Grice was immediately taken into emergency surgery.

“I don’t remember the accident at all,” Grice said on an appearance on The MMA Hour. “I guess I got rear-ended and the guy went 65 MPH. He never hit his brakes or anything and he hit me going 65. … He said he was distracted by his grandkids. Luckily they were OK, I think one of them hurt their nose or something. They ended up being alright. He wasn’t paying attention apparently. It was a stoplight you could see almost for a mile. How he was distracted that long, I don’t know.”

However, that wasn’t the worst part of it for Grice. The most traumatic moment of the incident for him was waking up from his medically induced coma with significant memory loss.

“I woke up, and I didn’t remember being married and didn’t remember having kids,” Grice said. “It really shook me up. So they brought someone in and explained everything and showed me pictures. Now I remember almost everything, it just threw me for a loop and I just started bawling right then and there.”

Luckily, Grice’s recovery is progressing rapidly, and while he has at least one more surgery ahead of him, he’s very optimistic. In fact, he’s not ruling out an eventual return to the octagon.

“One of the nurses in rehab, she was looking at my chart, she said you’re just a walking miracle, reading your chart and talking to you, I can’t even explain how much of a miracle you are to be where you’re at. I’m just blessed by God to be moving like I am,” he said.

“I’m only two months into this deal and it’s surprising how along I am already, so they’re not ruling anything out. I’m hoping yeah, I’d love to fight again. That’s what I do, I enjoy what I do, it’s fun and I just love competing, I hope I can do it again.”