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GLORY 12 Enjoys Ratings Boost, Viewed by Over 700,000

(Glory Lightweight Andy Ristie, photo courtesy of Glory World Series)

A fantastic fight card from the famed Madison Square garden arena was the right formula to give GLORY World Series a boost in ratings. A 25% boost according to Spike TV to be exact.

The event featured a lightweight tournament which saw Giorgio Petrosyan lose for the first time in over six years.

After their debut on Spike TV with Glory 11 drew 381,000 viewers with a peak of 781,000, GLORY 12 brought in 476,000 viewers with a peak of 665,000. (via Liverkick.com)

Although the peak is lower, the closing gap between average and peak may indicate that GLORY is slowly finding its target audience, but it is still too early to tell.

Both events benefitted from the Cops lead in which aired prior to the event.

Either way, the boost in ratings is a welcome success for a promotion that puts on high-level professional kickboxing events that feature the best fighters in the world.