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Tim Kennedy: Michael Bisping is a Chicken and a Dirty Fighter

Photo by Ed Mulholland/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Having most recently defeated Rafael Natal at UFC Fight Night 31, Tim Kennedy now has his sights set on Michael Bisping.

Kennedy is one of the products carried over from the UFC’s purchase of Strikeforce. Having fought for the promotion for about three and a half years, he amassed a record of 6-2 during his stint there. Since moving over to the UFC earlier this year, he’s gone 2-0.

Bisping has been with the UFC since appearing on Season 3 of The Ultimate Fighter. During his time with the promotion, he’s aggregated a total UFC record of 14-5 and has fought some of the most prominent fighters in his division. Apparently, this doesn’t intimidate Kennedy the slightest bit.

In a recent interview with MMA Mania, the thirty-four year U.S. Army soldier candidly shared his thoughts on Michael Bisping…and they weren’t very nice.

“He talks tough on Twitter but when it comes down to fighting me, he’s going to be a chicken. He’s going to try and dodge me. He’s going to try and manipulate the situation to where at first I had to have enough fights and now I need to be ranked high enough. If that’s the case, fine, whatever. Eventually he can’t run from me.”

Kennedy does make a point. Not too long ago, Bisping was trash talking Kennedy on Twitter and told him that if he really wants him that badly, he should call UFC President Dana White and ask for it. Kennedy enthusiastically agreed. However, during a recent appearance on UFC Tonight, Bisping dismissed any notion of fighting Kennedy, saying he preferred a higher ranked opponent. So Kennedy’s claim of him being a chicken isn’t completely baseless.

Aside from calling Bisping a chicken, Kennedy also accused him of being an unsportsmanlike fighter, resorting to cheap tricks to win fights, referring to the Brit’s record of frequent eye pokes and low blows.

“Statistically, a guy who gets kicked in the groin or poked in the eye, from that point on he has a huge disadvantage. Numerically, Reed Kuhn put out a statistic that said there is a 70% chance of losing from that point forward. The fighter who receives that foul has almost a three quarters chance of losing from that point forward.”

Kennedy’s criticisms of the Brit didn’t stop there. He continued to chide “The Count” by insulting his integrity as a fighter.

“The only thing that’s stopping a fighter from going out there and intentionally eye poking his opponent is his own integrity. And a lot of fighters don’t have it, like Bisping. I’m not saying he’s intentionally going out and doing it but it’s almost every single fight.”

As of yet, the UFC has not made any official announcement whether the two will meet in the octagon.