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GSP’s Mentor: The Champ Needs to Retire, I Can’t See Him Suffer Anymore


Prior to Georges St-Pierre’s title defense against Johny Hendricks at UFC 167, Kristof Midoux, the mentor of the longtime welterweight champion, said that GSP should retire if he beats Hendricks.

After obtaining a controversial split decision victory, GSP tentatively announced he needed to hang up his gloves to take care of issues in his personal life. In a recent interview with Journal De Montreal, Midoux talked revealed that he would no longer corner the Canadian superstar if he doesn’t take a break from fighting.

Here is the translated excerpt from Fan Sided:

“He had given so much during the fight, he was a little upset and he did not know what he said,” explained Midoux. “This is why people do not really understand.”

“He expected to take a break, time to rest, but he still wanted to fight. The final decision will be him.”

“I think Georges will abandon his belt and there will be a world championship without him. The decision is up to him and I expect him to come back from vacation to sit and talk with him.

“But he is aware that he needs to rest. It must leave room for other things in his heart.”

“If he decides to return, for any reason, I will not be in his corner. I do not want to see him suffer more, having accomplished what all dream to accomplish.

“He has another life that awaits. I think he has many other things to do, instead of trying to find out who is the strongest in the world, because he has proved that it was him.”

“I do not see any fighter right now who deserves to fight against him. I would be the first to tell him he can not withdraw because there is such and such person he must beat before doing so. Let them all fight for a good year to see who emerges from the crowd.”

“If someone keeps the belt for two years, then, perhaps, I would stay in his camp. He would still be young at 34, and then, he would be completely regenerated. “

Contrary to Midoux’s opinion, UFC President Dana White wants St-Pierre to fight Johny Hendricks again. White expressed outrage over the champ’s comments following his victory, and even said he thought St-Pierre lost the fight.

For now, it’s still unclear whether the longtime champ will continue to compete inside the octagon.