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Glory 12 Lightweight Tournament Quarterfinals: Ristie Stuns, van Roosmalen Cruises, En Route to Finals

(Photo Courtesy via Glory World Series)

The lightweight tournament features four of the best lightweights in the world who compete in Glory’s lightweight tournament. Giorgio Petrosyan is the main attraction in the tournament and a betting favorite.


Robin van Roosmalen vs. Davit Kiria

A back and forth round one saw both men landing. Van Roosmalen started out strong throwing and landing anything he pleased. Kiria sensed himself going down on the scorecards however and began to strike back, utilizing his footwork to create openings and even up a very close round.

Van Roosmalen again came out the aggressor in round 2. He landed hard leg kicks in succession while also using his jab to set up combinations. Kiria attempted to counter but wasn’t quick enough on the draw, often eating shots for his efforts. Kiria was constantly getting pushed back and even threw a rolling thunder to try and turn the tide. Van Roosmalen finished the second round strong landing shots to the head and body of Kiria.

Van Roosmalen’s striking slowed in this round as Kiria pushed the action. Van Roosmalen came back late in this round though and turned up the pressure landing four-punch combinations frequently and almost always finishing with a kick to the legs to separate.

Official Result: Robin van Roosmalen defeats Davit Kiria via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


Andy Ristie vs. Giorgio Petrosyan

Ristie came out confident in the first round. He landed some nice punches Petrosyan. Petrosyan kept looking for a high kick which never found its mark. Ristie kept to it and landed punches in combination. Ristie moved forward well and waited for Petrosyan to move so he could start to work his striking. Petrosyan came out apprehensive. He didn’t offer much in the way of a counter attack but wasn’t phased by Ristie pressure.

Petrosyan loosened up in this round opening up more. Ristie remained confident and didn’t lose much momentum but Petrosyan had noticeably increased his striking output. It was a pretty close round upon the bell leading in to the third and final round.

Ristie came out incredibly aggressive in the final round, throwing everything at Petrosyan. Petrosyan didn’t have many answers and caught a big left uppercut. Petrosyan went down hard and couldn’t answer the count. This marks Petrosyan’s first loss in six years.

Official Result: Andy Ristie defeats Giorgio Petrosyan via KO (punch) at :43 of Round 3.


Tournament Reserve Bout:

Ky Hollenbeck vs. Warren Stevelmans

Hollenbeck went out at the beginning of this fight and did just what he said he would do, and that’s attack. He sprinted forward and started to throw shots. Stevelmans was happy to abide by Hollenbeck’s decision. Both men were hit with big shots in this round and a winner was near impossible to crown for round one.

Hollenbeck had some success in this round landing a nice spinning backfist. Both men exchanged takedowns as well. These were more of a marking of territory with the referee warning Hollenbeck on the third. The round mirrored the first one and was just as hard to call.

The final round had both men exhausted but still willing to brawl. Hollenbeck came was landing the better punches and kicks in this round with Stevelmans doing his best to avoid the least amount of punishment he could. Hollenbeck pushed forward and landed several more takedowns which don’t count, but showed the level of fighting that Hollenbeck could maintain.

Official Result: Ky Hollenbeck defeats Warren Stevelmans via Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)