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Freddie Roach: GSP Won’t Fight Again Unless I’m in His Corner

Photo credit MICHELLE BUTALON/AFP/Getty Images

Prominent boxing coach Freddie Roach has been training UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre for several years now.

According to YahooSports.com, Roach said that he “pretty much came up with the game plan” for GSP in his most recent fight against Johny Hendricks at UFC 167.

He also said the champ texted him: “I’m not going to fight again unless you are in my corner.”

As of yet, the famed boxing coach has never cornered a UFC fighter during a fight night.

Roach went on to explain his brilliant strategy for neutralizing the punching power of Johnny Hendricks.

“This guy [Hendricks], he doesn’t know anything, he just punches good with a big left hand,” he expounded. “Pretty much with him, if you can stay away from that and nullify that, it’s not that tough of a fight. Georges did it, and he had success with it when he did, but he didn’t do it enough in the fight.”

Roach instructed GSP to use his jab and an inside left hook to shutdown Hendricks’ offense. He broke down the mechanics of the inside left hook by explaining how a regular left hook goes over the jab of an opponent, but the inside hook sneaks under it. Roach added that GSP used this same technique when he fought Josh Koscheck in 2010.