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Glove Technology That Could Change The Future Of MMA


In an article we published earlier today, we discussed 5 options that the UFC could consider implementing to improve scoring and judging in MMA bouts.  One of the ideas, sensor-powered gloves, seemed to be taking a dive into the realm of science fiction, but was that truly the case?

As we discussed in the earlier article, the technology is already here today, and one company in particular that is putting it to use is Elliot Fight Dynamics.  The video above shows how they’ve adapted much of the technology discussed in our previous article into seemingly standard boxing gloves.  Designed for use in a training setting or in a live contest, the connectivity, metrics, progress tracking and other facets of the design appear to be quite impressive.

To take a quote from their product page:


Engage fans with real time punch statistics. Enhance TV commentary and second screen Apps. EFD Sensors for live MMA and Boxing let fans know… How hard, How fast, How many. and Type of punch thrown.
EFD Arena System consists of 2 pairs of sensors (one pair for per fighter – Left hand/ Right hand) that stream live data during a fight. The system is designed to report fight stats for TV Commentary. Apps allow TV Commentators (remote location or arena) and/or audience members (at home or arena) to experience a fight with entertaining fight statistics. Commentators or Fans will be able to observe Round by Round stats for each fighter. Apps allow users to compare fighter A and fighter B statistics. Apps provided for Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone.


EFD Sensors can be licensed for use in a wide variety of applications to measure & identify specific movements. Sensors can be combined with mobile technologies to create next generation Apps. Contact us to discuss your application needs.

We’ve reached out to them to inquire about doing a full review of their products.  This tech could very well take much of the debate away from scoring accuracy and judging bias.  At SciFighting we are always in support of technology that can improve the safety, quality and accuracy of combat sports!

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