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GLORY 12 Conference Call Highlights


Glory 12 takes place this Saturday at the Madison Square Garden Theater. It features a 4-man lightweight tournament and a middleweight bout between to American fighters in Wayne Barrett and Joe Schilling.

On Thursday morning, a conference call was held with some of the fighters from the event.


Andy Ristie on the importance of not just winning the lightweight tournament, but also defeating Petrosyan, who has garnered the most attention leading up to this event:

“I came to show up and win and take the knockout. I come to win this fight.”

Wayne Barrett on representing the ‘East Coast’ as dubbed by advertisements for this fight:

“Like I said in the beginning, I really don’t want to go through an East vs. West kind of thing, only because of things in the past. I look at it more of two martial artists. I don’t have anything personal against Joe. This is a business. Whether I’m in New York, whether I’m in Tokyo, anywhere in the world, it doesn’t really matter. You don’t bring the fans in to the ring with you. You bring the energy but at the end of the day when you fight, its yourself in there with the training that you’ve done and the time that you’ve put in the gym.

Joe Schilling on the same topic:

“This is America, I’m a very good fighter. I’ve got fans all over this country. I’ve been doing this a long time and I can beat Wayne Barrett anywhere in this country.”

To the headliners, how does if feel to be headlining for an international promotion as Americans, in the United States?

Joe Schilling: “It feels great.”

Glory VP Jim Byrne: This is pretty momentous because the sport of kickboxing is very mature in other parts of the world. There are countries where the kickboxers of other countries are absolute heroes and have a direct line to the prime minister or president of the country much the way that Barack Obama might place a call to the Super Bowl winner. In some countries it is actually bigger than it is here in the US and we’re looking to model that same experience in those other countries and the way we do that in the US is with U.S. Fighters so we’re extremely excited to start developing a pool of guys that come from this country that will resonate with the U.S. audience

Wayne Barrett: To me, it’s a dream come true, regardless of how any other fighters act, I don’t my ego in front of me. I’m happy to be where I am, I’m happy to be apart of Glory. Kickboxing doesn’t get the respect that it deserves here in the United States. Regardless of what anyone feels, there’s only one proving ground and that’s the ring. To be able to do it in Madison Square Garden and to be able to do it on Spike TV, listen, it’s a dream come true. All ego aside, all tough guy persona out there, anyone who is gonna [sic] be living the dream that myself, Joe, any of the guys in the tournament even the guys on the undercard, so its you know, it’s a great experience.

Giorgio Petrosyan (via translator) on his own pedigree:

I’ve been carrying the responsibility of being the number for years, [I’m] is relaxed, [I’m] is calm but obviously fighting at Madison Square Garden is a big achievement for any fighter in the world and [I’m] very excited to be fighting here and will treat this like a very important fight in [my] career. … I try to think about the next fight, not about the record.