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TUF 18 Episode 12 Recap


The coaches surprise TUF house with an Armenian style barbeque. While David Grant shuns the feast in preparation for this week’s semifinal fight, his opponent Anthony Gutierrez stuffs his belly.

Since Grant and Gutierrez are on the same team, Ronda Rousey says that her coaches will not be made available for training. “This sucks. This isn’t going to a cubicle and doing work that you have no emotional interest in. We can’t pick one over the other, so may the best man win,” Rousey said. The fighter will have to practice with their roommates.

At the Mandalay Bay events center, Dana White has a rock climbing challenge ready for Rousey and Miesha Tate. The first coach to reach the top received $10,000 with their team earning $1,500 each. “When you have two coaches and you do a coach’s challenge and the coaches hate each other, it’s just that much worse. You do not want to lose. It’s always hard for the coaches that lose, especially in front of their team,” said White.

Rousey wins the challenge and flips Tate the bird all the way down the course. “(My team’) gain is more than my personal gain and I just like Miesha being in the habit of always being beaten by me,” Rousey said.

Back at TUF house, Gutierrez wraps bacon, hot sauce and scrambled eggs into a tortilla while his roommates discuss how Cody Bollinger was disqualified for missing weight. Gutierrez says that others are jealous about his ability to eat whatever he wants while staying in shape.

Rousey then give Gutierrez a lecture about his eating habits. “You have to think about how everything that you put in your body matters. It’s not just about making weight. It’s how you make the weight. If you want to be the very best most lethal unarmed person on the planet, you might have to give up some burgers,” Rousey said.

Gutierrez wakes up the next morning to find himself nine pounds over his goal. He spends the next four hours alternating between the treadmill and sauna while taking multiple breaks.

At the weigh-in, he comes in five pounds over and is given one hour to lose it. While he sweats in the sauna, Gutierrez’ roommates discuss how he overeats and ignores their advice. Visibly defeated, Gutierrez steps out of the sauna and calls it quits.

For the second time this season, White appears at the gym and has to dismiss a fighter for missing weight. “Nobody has ever made it that far on the show and quit. And the guy got a pass. He didn’t have to fight to get to the fight to get to the finale and he still quit,” White said. “What he needs to do is fly home and get a real job and make mixed martial arts his hobby.”

The winner of next week’s fight between Jessica Rakoczy and Raquel Pennington advances to the women’s final against Julianna Pena.