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Kenny Florian: UFC 167 Controversy is Detracting from a Great Fight

Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

It’s been four days since UFC 167, and the controversy surrounding the main event split decision is still being discussed. Everyone from fans, to fellow fighters, and even UFC president Dana White have weighed in on the issue, with no clear consensus drawn.

UFC fighter turned analyst Kenny Florian feels that all of the talk is making people forget what’s really important though: that GSP vs Johny Hendricks was one hell of a match up, and proved that both men are among the best fighters in the world.

“You knew something big was going to happen. It just kind of had that feel in the arena,” Florian said on the latest episode of MMAJunkie Radio. “It was such an amazing fight that I feel like the controversy over the decision is taking away from how great of a championship fight that was and how great of a night that was. … Both men performed like champions in this one, and both men were truly, truly tested.”

In terms of the eventual rematch, Florian pointed out that GSP has never lost a rematch. However, the current champ will have to make some big changes in his gameplan if he wants to definitively win a second fight.

“‘GSP’ has never lost a rematch. He’s a very difficult guy to beat in a rematch,” Florian said. “But based on how Johny Hendricks performed, I think Johny has a huge advantage heading into this fight if they do fight a second time. Georges will really have to make some huge adjustments.”