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Johny Hendricks’ Manager on GSP: We’ll Have a Rematch Next Fight

Hendricks after the results are called at UFC 167, Photo Courtesy of UFC

UFC 167 left the mixed martial arts community baffled and outraged after Georges St-Pierre was awarded a contentious split decision victory following his fight with Johny Hendricks. Two of the judges scored the bout 3-2 rounds for GSP, while one of them scored it 4-1 in favor of Hendricks. Majority of fighters and fans seemed to agree with the latter.

As if the events that unfolded that night weren’t controversial enough, the champion tentatively announced his retirement after the fight. If audience members at the MGM Grand Garden Arena had already dropped their jaws from the judges’ official decision, St-Pierre’s comments must have completely unhinged their lower jaws and dislocated them completely.

GSP’s comments were distressing for many fans, including UFC President Dana White, but perhaps no one was more shocked than the manager of Johny Hendricks and Team Takedown founder, Ted Ehrhardt.

In a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, Ehrhardt shared his thoughts on the historical bout between the two welterweights, GSP’s post-fight comments,  and the prospects of a rematch.

Ehrhardt seemed to disagree with the judges that damage doesn’t count for points when scoring a fight.

“You say it’s not, but it really is,” Ehrhardt declared. “Because when you drop a guy, they put more on that, which is damage. Whether you want to believe it or not, when a guy gets cut open, that’s in the judges’ mind. These judges are human.”

Ehrhardt also spoke his mind regarding GSP’s status as a champion, and why he believes the champ should stick around to offer Hendricks a well-deserved rematch.

“GSP, being the champion he’s been, surely would not want to go out on a fight that he lost and got a win. No respectful champion would want to go out on those terms. So I’m confident between that and Dana White making it happen, that yeah, we’ll have a rematch next fight.”

Dana White has also recently stated that he is confident a rematch will happen soon.