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Nevada Athletic Commission Plans Workshop to to Discuss Regulation Changes

Photo Courtesy of UFC

Following Georges St-Pierre’s controversial split decision victory over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167, UFC President Dana White did not shy away from expressing his disappointment with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, even going as far as suggesting that the way judges score fights needs to be changed.

On December 2, White and many others will have the opportunity to speak their minds directly to the commission. The NSAC has recently announced that they will be holding a workshop where people can make comments and suggestions regarding the regulations in professional mixed martial arts fights.

The NSAC released an official statement regarding the content of the workshop:

“The purpose of the workshop is to solicit comments  from interested persons on any matter related to contests or exhibitions of unarmed combat, or any other matter within the jurisdiction of the Nevada Athletic Commission.”

The event will be held on Monday, December 2nd at 9 a.m. PT local time at the Grant Sawyer State Office Building in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Whether any changes will actually be enacted is not a guarantee, but it would certainly be a start.

Many fighters and fans have expressed their disagreements with how the fight between GSP and Hendricks was scored by the judges, believing that Hendricks undoubtedly deserved the win.

  • Colin Bisson

    Funny it takes a fight that wasn’t even as controversial as people are making it out to be is the catalyst for the NSAC hearing what people have to say. This was a closely contested match. Everyone acts like GSP was blown out of the water. Could have gone either way yet this is what sets everyone off.

    I’m already tired of hearing about it. (Not directed to you guys as this article isn’t necessarily about that fight.)