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5 Ways GSP Can Make Everybody Forget The Hendricks Decision

Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC Via Getty Images

So Georges St-Pierre won a controversial decision at UFC 167, and now the MMA world is saying he robbed Johny Hendricks of a title.

On top of that, St-Pierre angered a ton of people, including UFC President Dana White, when he stated in his post-fight interview that he was going to hang up the gloves for a while to take care of some personal matters.

Many MMA fighters have also come out saying that Johny Hendricks was robbed and that St-Pierre got lucky. How quickly the tide can turn.

GSP, however, doesn’t have to sit down and take it. Here are 5 things GSP can do to get public sentiment back on his side and remind people why he’s the champ.

1. Get Real With Hendricks

At the end of the day, GSP took a beating and kept on going. He took all of Hendricks’ knockout power and, although he was rattled, survived. GSP is a nice professional so he’s not going to get disrespectful, but he should. What if he said something like this: “Johny Hendricks can complain about the decision all he wants, but remember he was supposed to knock me out.  He tried, but couldn’t do it. We all agree I won two rounds clearly and he won two rounds clearly. Is he going to complain about getting robbed over one close round? Grow up. This is fighting. Next time knock me out, if you can.”

2. Shame Hendricks For His Whining

St-Pierre should call Hendricks out for calling himself the champ and not giving GSP the credit he deserves for fighting hard in the fifth round. St-Pierre should remind Hendricks that he is a professional athlete, not a kid on the schoolyard. GSP should say that Hendricks has won close decisions in the past, against Josh Koscheck and Carlos Condit, but those guys didn’t whine about the decision. If GSP believes he won, he should stand up for himself.

3. Demand An Immediate Rematch With Hendricks — In Canada

St-Pierre should jump out ahead of the controversy and demand a fight with Hendricks to stop his whining and prove to everyone that he is the real champ. St-Pierre fought a Rocky-like war and should capitalize on it. “The first time was the only time you will ever flirt with my title,” GSP could say. ” When we meet again I am going to show you the hard way why you should never proclaim something is yours when it is not. When I am through with you, you’ll be wishing your fate was in the hands of those three Las Vegas judges.”

4. Shift The Focus To Robbie Lawler

Like it or not, GSP defeated Hendricks. Now he should move on to the next contender. Lawler is coming off three impressive victories, the latest over GSP friend Rory MacDonald. GSP should say Lawler deserves a title shot and that Hendricks already had his chance to finish the champion. GSP vs. Lawler is a fight everyone would want to see, and if St-Pierre pushes for it, Hendricks’ close loss might be but a memory.

5. Retire

What does St-Pierre have left to prove? He’s beaten everybody in his weight class and short of moving up and fighting Anderson Silva or Chris Weidman, GSP has nothing to prove to anybody inside the cage. If everyone is so mad at him for getting the decision,  GSP should see how they feel when walks away from the sport for good.