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Johny Hendricks Claims He Didn’t Go 100% Against GSP

Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

The main event of UFC 167 will be talked about for a very long time. After the horn of the fifth round was sounded, many believed Johny Hendricks was the new UFC Welterweight Champion. However, the former OSU All American wrestler fell to his knees in disappointment when the split decision victory was awarded to his opponent, Georges St-Pierre.

Hendricks believed he had done enough to secure a victory. This recent loss to GSP left him shocked and in dismay, and he expressed his disbelief in how he lost the fight in the post-fight press conference.

“Look at his face and look at mine,” Hendricks said.

A surprising fact that he revealed at the press conference that has had many fans abuzz is that he claims to have not gone %100 in the fight.

“I really didn’t hit him that hard,” Hendricks claimed. Whether that is actually true or not, nobody can know for sure except for him.

“I wasn’t really trying to knock him out. I was putting about 70 percent on him, and it was enough.”

UFC President Dana White briefly scolded the former challenger for not putting in his fullest efforts.

“It wasn’t enough,” White criticized. “You left it in the hands of the judges. You better give 100 percent next time.”

Hendricks had no response because he knew it was true.

White has said he wants to set up a rematch between the two fighters, because he believes that Hendricks won the fight. That might be hard to do considering that GSP is leaning toward retirement at this point.

However, if there ever is a rematch, Hendricks assured everyone at the press conference that he will not leave it in the hands of the judges next time.

“If I get to see him in the ring again, it won’t go the distance. I will finish him. I know I can go five rounds now.”