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Did Johny Hendricks Tap at UFC 167?


While the questionable Hendricks-GSP decision is the big story coming out of UFC 167, that isn’t the only controversy marring the event.

It seems that a number of fans believe that Hendricks tapped out in the first round. It sounds crazy, but as soon as the first round ended, the community exploded with allegations that the referee missed the tap, or that Hendricks had purposefully “fake tapped” to get out of the hold.

Luckily, in the wake of the event, we can take a good look at the actual footage to draw some better conclusions. Here’s a GIF of the action, created by ZombieProphet:


What do you think SciFighters?

  • Haad Thehaad Naqvi

    In no way is that a tap

  • Christian Elliott Bacigaluppi

    The thing is, the possible “tap out”, was after his head was out of the hold.

    • Dick hertz

      Chris see it in real time if you get a chance or it comes on tv soon. This slow mo gif is b.s. you will see what the truth is ! Dude, he tapped ! It doesn’t matter who you like right ? There all great man but it is what it is and unfortunately he did tap dude. You’ll see

  • Dick hertz

    Bull sh!t !! Look at it in real time it was absolutely a tap . I’m telling you and I just mean this for the integrity of the sport . He tapped without a doubt, watch it in real time not some slow mo gig that’s doesn’t show the right speed and who knows what was edited. He took the right hand from under his body and pulled it around as gsp was wrenching a guillotine he then put it in position like he was thinking to do so then taps 3 times ! Tap,tap , tap real quick . That 3 tap waive was just coincidental ? Hendricks is a cheater and its sad. Listen I like gsp and he’s very Fair skinned he got some great elbows and marks always show up big time on him but if he really would have lost I would just say, hendricks kicked his butt , it was his time and George’s time was up but that wasn’t the case. Come on people!!