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UFC President Dana White Blasts Nevada State Athletic Commission, Calls For Governor To Step In

(Dana White at UFC 167 Media Scrum)

Saturday night’s controversial decision in the Georges St-Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks UFC welterweight title fight stunned many MMA observers, but perhaps the most prominent of those in shock was UFC President Dana White.

White was disgusted over the decision and called for a radical transformation of how fights are judged.

“I am blown away that GSP won the fight,” White said.

“The governor needs to step in and fix the incompetence that is happening in the state of Nevada, that used to be the best commission in the world,” White said.

White said the governor needs to intervene and do something about the judging system before the judges and the commission “ruin this sport like they ruined boxing.”

White said he gave four rounds to Hendricks and only one to St-Pierre on his unofficial scorecard. Two cage-side judges scored the fight 48-47 for St-Pierre and a third gave the fight to Hendricks by the same score.

White was also outspoken about GSP’s post-fight comments, when the welterweight champion said that he was going to “hang up the gloves,” for awhile. White said GSP has enough money to retire and never fight again, but that he should not walk away from the sport.

“You owe it to the fans, the belt and the company and you owe it to Johny Hendricks,” White said.

White said he’s not upset that GSP got the decision, but called his desire to retire for a short time “weird.”

“GSP has always been a standup, amazing human being and a great champion,” White said. “It’s not GSP’s fault that the judges said he won this fight tonight.”

Still, he owes it to a lot of people to fight Hendricks again.

“It’s not right,” White said.  “Johny Hendricks won that fight and he should have the opportunity to fight again.”

After Saturday’s UFC 167 fight, St-Pierre’s face was a bloodied, cut and bruised mess. He admitted in the post-fight interview that he lost vision in his right eye and forgot what happened during half of the fight. Hendricks’ face, however, looked untouched, as though he had not been in a fight at all.