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Bellator 108 Post-Fight Press Conference Highlights


After a Bellator card littered with finishes, the eight men involved in the main card were at the post-fight press conference to share their thoughts on a full main card that didn’t see one fight get past the first round.

On the panel was the victor in tonight’s main event, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson who knocked out Joey Beltran in the final seconds of the first round of his Bellator debut.

The focus was understandably placed on Jackson who made his highly anticipated debut in Bellator with a first round knockout.

Joey Beltran: I want to say thank you to Rampage, thank you to Bellator, and thank you to Bjorn for giving me the chance to get some Christmas money that I definitely was not gonna [sic] have, until Tito p—-d out. Bottom line, it is what it is what it is. I would love to fight [Rampage] again, without ‘you know who’ [Dan Miragliotta] as a referee.

As far as my career goes, this is the last place I’m gonna fight. I’m gonna get in that tournament and go for it. I’m not gonna go back to Gladiator Challenge or Wild Bill’s Country Cagefighting in Oklahoma and build my record for the sake of ego. I want to fight the best in the world and I want to fight for a high level organization and if I can’t do it, then its alright, I’ll go get a normal job and raise my kids and enjoy my wife. This is an awesome moment to headline a show against a world-class, literally world-class opponent, a former world champion. For a chubby little Mexican kid from Carlsbad, California thats pretty cool, my life definitely doesn’t suck.

Bjorn Rebney: [Bjorn and Rampage] We had a plan, that he and I put together, as partners and that plan has started to work itself through the system. There was a little bit of a deviation on the theme a couple of weeks ago and we put it right back on track. You’ve seen the beginning, the infancy of this plan right now, and the orchestration will be a beautiful thing to watch if you’re a fan of MMA.

On questionable stoppages in co-main, main event.

If a referee makes a mistake, I’d always rather mistake be made little bit early than a little bit late. The uppercut in the heavyweight world title fight was a vicious shot that would have knocked out most horses and when he [Minakov] unleashed with 20 seconds to go in the round, a lot of clean shots landed.

Rampage Jackson: I will gladly fight you again once you have time to train. You guys have no idea, I fought in all the big shows, all over the world. This place, the energy in here was so good, I just like the way they treat all their fighters. You see how Bjorn, the first thing he do [sic] is congratulate. We put our lives on the line and sometimes we don’t get appreciated, but here in Bellator we do. The past couple years, It’s been looking like I’m sucking. I’ve been hurting, I’ve been fighting hurt.

When asked about the knee injury: 

I injured my right knee years ago, I injured it training for the Rashad Evans fight. I tore my miniscus a month before I I fought Bader, and the left knee, Jon Jones kicked it backwards when I fought him, and its never been the same since. I’ve been training on two bad knees.

On what this fight means to him:

It means a lot because now I can train hard. I always thought that well, I’ve got a punchers chance and I think I can go in to the fight half ready and still do well. Today and in this training camp, I just knew I was gonna do well. I knew that no matter who I fought I was gonna whoop their ass. I’m in better shape then I was when I fought Jon Jones. It’s hard to explain how good I feel and to go back and train like I used to.

Aside from the main event and Bellator President Bjorn Rebney’s comments, featherweight tournament winner, Patricio Freire also gave a quick remark on his win over Justin Wilcox.

Patricio Freire: Every time I come to the cage, I give my best, I’m excited for the next one.