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Matt Riddle Mysteriously Pulls Out of Bellator 109 Fight Against Nathan Coy

Photo via UFC.com / Getty Images

According to a recent report by BloodyElbow.com, Former UFC welterweight Matt Riddle has withdrawn from his scheduled Bellator 109 bout against Nathan Coy.

Riddle was released from the UFC after having failed his post-drug screening earlier this year. Shortly afterwards, he signed a contract with Legacy Fighting Championship, but Bellator ended up buying his contract. They scheduled him to fight against Coy on November 22nd, but it looks like thats not going to happen anymore.

“He bailed out. I’m not happy about it,” Coy told BloodyElbow.com.

Riddle amassed an overall professional record of 7-3-2. Every single fight he had was in the UFC. Coy’s overall record is 13-4, and he has fought for numerous MMA organizations.

“As far as I know, maybe he was sick and didn’t get the proper training in. I’d love to have him in the first round of the tournament and smash him up,” Coy guessed. “Maybe he wants to put it off. I’ll fight him no problem. If he wants to wait until he can be better another day, I’m fine with that. Just make sure you man up and fight that day. I don’t know what he’s trying to accomplish here by playing games. This is my livelihood. I’m supporting my family by doing this. I needed this opportunity like he needed this opportunity. It’s his hometown. What the hell’s going on? He should be thrilled to fight on that card. Apparently not. Apparently he doesn’t want that.”

As of yet, Bellator has made no official announcements as to why Riddle has withdrawn from the fight.