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UFC 167 Live Results: Robbie Lawler vs. Rory MacDonald

Photo Courtesy of UFC

The man that many have called the future of the UFC, Rory MacDonald looks to move closer to a UFC welterweight title shot against hard-hitting Robbie Lawler.

MacDonald is near technically perfect, against Lawler, who knows one style of fighting — coming forward and throwing heavy blows.

Lawler is coming off two big knockout victories against Josh Koscheck an Bobby Voelker. MacDonald defeated Jake Ellenberger by decision in his last fight.

The fight opened up with Lawler landing leg kicks and MacDonald feeling him out, trying to get his range.  A minute into the fight and MacDonald hasn’t thrown a punch.

MacDonald started to loosen up a bit and is threw more punches and kicks.

Lawler is now fighting MacDonald’s fight. It’s slow and methodical. Lawler threw a big left hand, but MacDonald stepped out of the way easily.

Lawler is trying to pressure MacDonald, but MacDonald is moving and keeping Lawler guessing.

MacDonald caught one of Lawler’s leg kicks and Lawler tagged him with a left hand to end the first round.

MacDonald tried to take him down to start round two, but Lawler hopped on one leg and stayed on his feet. MacDonald started to land a few leg kicks to the stomach and head in the middle of round two. MacDonald is clearly concerned about Lawler’s power and is fighting cautiously in the stand-up.

MacDonald took him down with about two minutes left in round two. MacDonald is riding him looking to put on a choke.  Lawler has not been strong on the ground in his previous fights.

MacDonald held him down and landed several elbows.

Lawler landed a big left hand to start round three, but MacDonald took him down quickly. MacDonald stayed on top of him, but the referee stood them up. He rocked MacDonald again with a big left hook and MacDonald took him down.

MacDonald tried to pull him into his guard, but Lawler backed off and a bloodied MacDonald stood up.

The two are now trading punches.  The referee stopped the action after an eye poke. The two resumed and MacDonald went for a takedown, but Lawler blocked it.

Lawler knocked MacDonald down with a big left hand, but MacDonald again tied him up. Lawler is seconds from finishing him, but MacDonald barely escaping.

Lawler landed another vicious right hand on MacDonald, who looks out on his back.

The two are back up, but MacDonald took him down and smashed him in a big ground-and-pound, as the bell sounds to end the round.

The judges awarded the fight to Lawler by split decision: 29-28, 28-29, 29-28.

After the post-fight interview, the camera showed Miesha Tate.