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UFC 167 Live Results: Tim Elliott vs. Ali Bagautinov

Photo Courtesy of UFC

Flyweights kick of UFC 167, the 2oth Anniversary show for the company.

Elliott came out with an awkward stance, hands low and leading with his chin. Elliot is threw a lot of punches, but Bagautinov counter-punched well and kept Elliot at a distance. Bagautinov seemed to rock him with a few punches, but Elliott recovered well.

After one of Bagautinov’s flurries, Elliott took him down and slowed the action.

The second round started much the same, until Elliott sprung up and slapped on a front choke, but Bagautinov picked him up and slammed him on his back and pulled out of the hold.

The two scrambled on the ground to end the round, but Bagautinov seemed to land more hard punches in round two.

Bagautinov slowed down in round three after staying busy during the first two rounds. Elliott came on a bit, but was never able to land any heavy punches. Bagautinov tired, but he was quick enough t avoid most of Elliott’s shots.

The fight went to the judges and Bagautinov won by unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28, and 30-27.

The camera showed Dan “The Beast” Severn after the decision.