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UFC 167 Fox Sports 1 Prelim Results

Photo Courtesy of UFC

Celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the most prominent mixed martial arts organization on the planet, UFC 167 had some exciting prelims on Fox Sports 1 before the main fight card began.

Erik Perez def. Edwin Figueroa via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) R3 5:00

With less than a minute into the first round, Perez lands an extremely hard kick straight to Figueroa’s groin and the ref pauses the fight. The fight resumes and Perez goes for a power double leg takedown, but Figueroa successfully defends it. Perez lands a front kick that pushes Figueroa to the ground; Figueroa immediately pops back up and keeps fighting. Perez gets a takedown after catching a body kick and lands in half guard. The fight ends with Perez in Figueroa’s half guard.

Less than thirty seconds into the round, Perez lands a right hand that floors Figueroa. Figueroa recovers, but gets double legged and slammed hard into the ground. The fighters scramble to their feet and Perez lands some hard punches before scoring another double leg takedown. The fighters get back to their feet just before the horn sounds to signal the end of the round.

Both fighters seem tentative as the third round begins. Perez barely misses with a spinning heel kick before getting another double leg takedown and landing in his opponent’s half guard. Pereez works short punches to the body of Figueroa. Figueroa scrambles to his feet but eats a knee to the body and a right hand to the face before being double legged again. Figueroa uses the fence to work back up to his feet and the fight ends with both fighters standing.

The judges award Erik Perez a unanimous decision victory.

Rick Story def. Brian Ebersole via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) R3 5:00

Ebersole immediately shoots for a double leg, but Story stuffs it with a sprawl. Story lands some hard hooks to the body and Ebersole doesn’t seem to have an answer. Story continues to stuff Ebersole’s takedown attempts and pound him with hard hooks to the body. Story repeatedly lands combinations to Ebersole’s body until the round ends.

Thirty seconds into the round, Story scores a high crotch takedown, but Ebersole immediately gets back to his feet. Ebersole shoots for the takedown, but Story’s sprawl is impeccable. Ebersole can’t seem to find his mark as Story continues to outstrike him; Story is constantly tagging him with hard hooks every time he tries to mount some sort of an offense. With less than thirty seconds left, Ebersole goes for a single leg but fails to get it. Story lands a hard hook and both fighters begin swinging for the fences as the round ends.

Much like the first and second rounds, the third round seems to be going Story’s way. Story continues to stuff Ebersole’s takedown attempts, while pounding him with hard hooks to the head and body. Surprisingly, Story buckles Ebersole with a very hard leg kick, but Ebersole manages to recover. Story lands more hard leg kicks and Ebersole collapses. Story takes side control and the round ends.

The judges award Rick Story a unanimous decision victory.

Thales Leites def. Ed Herman via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) R3 5:00

The fight gets to a quick start with both fighters swinging; Herman gets tagged and falls to the canvas. Leites follows him and begins to work his ground and pound. Leites gets side mount but is unable to launch an offense. Herman scrambles back up to his feet, but is immediately pressed up against the fence by his opponent. Leites trips Herman to the ground and takes his back. Herman continues to get dominated as he struggles to survive on the ground. With less than ten seconds left in the round, Herman scrambles to his feet.

Herman comes out swinging, but is immediately pressed up against the fence by Leites. Herman gets taken down by a body lock trip; Leites lands in his half guard. Leites takes Herman’s back, a scramble ensues and after a brief moment in Herman’s guard, Leites takes his back again. Herman tries to create another scramble but is just unable to shake off Leites. The Brazilian is dominating the fight by just relentlessly smothering Herman. The round ends and Herman looks exhausted.

The fighters touch gloves at the center of the cage to begin the third round. Herman lands a few hard punches but is pushed away by Leites. Herman presses Leites up against the fence and lands a solid left hand; Leites seems undaunted. Herman continues to press forward but is dragged to the ground by Leites after being pressed against the fence. The crowd showers the fighters with boos as Leites takes Herman’s back. Less than a minute remains and Herman still can’t seem to shake off Leites. The fight ends with Leites mounting Herman and the crowd expresses their displeasure by continuously booing.

The judges award Thales Leites a unanimous decision victory.

Donald Cerrone def. Evan Dunham via Submission (Triangle Choke) R2 3:49 

Dunham gets into deep trouble early by shooting for takedowns and being countered by multiple knees to the head and body by Cerrone. Dunham gets dropped by another knee and Cerrone pounces. The fighters scramble and Cerrone goes first for a triangle and then an omoplata, but ends up transitioning into side control instead. The fighters get back to their feet and Dunham presses Cerrone up against the fence. While being pressed up against the fence, Cerrone lands two hard knees straight to the face of Dunham. The fighters go back to the center of the cage and Cerrone lands a hard kick to the body. The round ends with both fighters on their feet.

The second round begins and the fighters exchange combinations; Cerrone lands a hard body kick. Dunham goes for a double leg, but Cerrone does a good job of sprawling. Cerrone continues to land leg kicks and body kicks; Dunham seems unable to mount an offense against his opponent. Dunham shoots for a takedown but ends up being taken down himself. Cerrone lands in Dunham’s half guard, but Dunham gets reversal. Cerrone immediately slaps on a triangle choke and Dunham taps.

Donald Cerrone earns a submission victory over Evan Dunham.