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UFC 167 Online Prelim Results

Photo Courtesy of UFC

Tonight marks the twentieth anniversary of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The main event features UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre defending his title against the contender Johny “Big Rigg” Hendricks. Yet before we get to see the main event, UFC tradition treats us to a series of bouts that highlight the up and coming next generation of their elites via online live streams direct from FaceBook and the UFC.tv website.  Here are the results of the online prelims.

Gian Villante def. Cody Donovan via TKO (Punches) R2 1:22

The fighters immediately clinch and exchange a few short punches and knees. As the fight continued, Donavan seemed to be getting a slight advantage by landing stiff jabs, leg kicks, and a couple of high kicks. Eventually, Villante scores a takedown by catching a body kick but was unable to inflict any substantial damage from up top. Donovan goes for a reverse armbar and scrambles up.. The round ended with both fighters on their feet.

To start off the second round, the fighters trade some punches before Donovan presses Villante up against the fence with a body lock. Villante manages to pummel out of it, and at about a minute and fifteen seconds into the round, Donovan throws a right high kick only for it to be countered by a hard right hook that sends him falling to the ground. Villante immediately follows up with some ground and pound punches and the ref steps in to stop the fight.

Sergio Pettis def. Will Campuzano via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) R3 5:00

About thirty seconds into the first round, Campuzano gets a double leg takedown, but Pettis quickly works his way back to his feet. Campuzano gets another takedown by catching a body kick. Pettis works his way back up to his feet again and delivers a hard knee to the body of Campuzano. Campuzano attempts a wizzer takedown, but Pettis has none of it. Pettis lands some punching combinations and leg kicks to finish off the round.

Both fighters came out aggressive for the second round, with Campuzano pressuring forward and Pettis landing crisp punching combinations and leg kicks.  At about a minute and a half in, Pettis scores a double leg takedown and goes for modified guillotine, but Campuzano manages to roll out of and get a reversal. Campuzano tries to work some ground and pound from Pettis’s guard but is unable to inflict any appreciable damage. Campuzano takes Pettis’s back but gets reversed before scrambling back to his feet. The round ends with both fighters standing.

The third round begins very much like the previous two: Campuzano pressing forward and Pettis throwing striking combinations. Eventually, Campuzano shoots in and earns a takedown. Campuzano advances to half guard but quickly gets pushed back to full guard. With a little over a minute left in the final round, Pettis pushes Campuzano off of him with his feet and quickly springs up. Campuzano shoots for another takedown, but Pettis defends and a scramble ensues, neither fighter is able to obtain an advantage over the other, and they get back up. With less than ten seconds left, Pettis manhandles his opponent to the ground with a body lock and lands a few strikes before the horn sounds.

The judges award Sergio Pettis a unanimous decision victory.

Jason High def. Anthony Lapsley via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) R3 5:00

Lapsley comes out swinging and walks into High’s power double. High works toward a mount; it looks like Lapsley is in trouble early. Things get worse for Lapsley as high takes his back and sinks his hooks in. Lapsley manages to scramble to his feet but almost immediately gets taken down again by a relentless High. Another scrambles ensues, and high gets goes for a guillotine but ends up with a front headlock instead. Lapsley again tries to work to his feet but is picked up and slammed by High. Lapsley is in deep trouble, High gets a full mount and then takes his back again. So far, High has dominated the entire round. They scramble again, and High gets a front headlock. High brilliantly transitions to guillotine, but Lapsley miraculously manages to get out of it. The round ends with High mounting Lapsley.

The fighters touch gloves to begin the second round. Lapsley makes the same mistake that he did in the first round and rushes forward with punches only to be double legged by High. Lapsley goes for a heel hook, but High pulls out and mounts him. High takes Lapsley’s back, another scramble ensues, and this time it’s Lapsley who obtains a dominant position. Lapsley works some ground and pound from his opponents guard but is unable to do serious damage. He eventually works his way to half guard after High tries to escape to his feet. Lapsley attempts a kimura but is unable to secure it, and the round ends shortly after.

Both fighters know they need to win this round or score a finish in order to win the fight. Lapsley looks energetic, but it’s High who rushes forward with punches and a push kick before scoring a double leg takedown. High is now smothering his opponent against the cage and landing short punches and elbows from up top. High goes for another guillotine but is unable to lock it in and immediately tries to transition to an omoplata, but Lapsley avoids that as well. The fighters continue to scramble and High tries to roll into a leg lock, but Lapsley has none of it. More scrambling continues, and High ends up in Lapsley’s guard. High advances to half guard and the fight ends. Great grappling by both fighters.

The judges award Jason High a unanimous decision victory.