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Johny Hendricks Fires Back at GSP: I Don’t Need Drugs to Win


Earlier this year, UFC welterweight contender Johny Hendricks agreed to undergo drug testing with welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre. However, after the two camps argued over complications on which anti doping agency they wanted to be tested by, Hendricks backed out of the arrangement. Since then, the two welterweights have been blaming each other for the failure to reach an agreement.

Recently, at a UFC 167 pre-event press conference, Johny Hendricks fired back at the Canadian by pointing to features of his physique, that to him, seem unnatural.

“You don’t gain fifteen, twenty pounds and still keep that form,” Hendricks stated. “Everybody bloats a little bit. You don’t put a little water in your system without bloating. You don’t put 20 pounds of water in your system without bloating.”

Hendricks also responded to criticisms by the champ pertaining to him bailing on the drug tests they had agree to undergo together.

“I’ve been clean my whole entire life,” Hendricks said. “And all of a sudden, some dude doesn’t know me, (and) he’s been accused the last six years of being on something. He picks me and says I must be on something because I don’t want to follow the pony train to VADA. Get out of here.”

Hendricks used his clean record during his collegiate wrestling years as fortification against GSP’s allegations of drug use. He also pointed out that the Nevada State Commission advised against testing with VADA.

“The state athletic commission of Nevada said don’t do VADA,” he added. “They said don’t do VADA. Are you going to trust your opponent, or are you going to trust the Nevada state commission, (who) doesn’t care?”

Hendricks and GSP will face off tomorrow for the welterweight championship.

“If he needs that to beat me, I got beat by the drug,” he said. “I don’t need drugs to win. I’ve proven that. If I can’t be champ without them, I’ll never revert to drugs to be champ.”