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Fight Predictions: Georges St-Pierre vs Johny Hendricks


Sports Net Canada asks UFC stars for their predictions on GSP vs Hendricks at UFC 167.

Here are the numbers if you’d rather read:

Champs: GSP (3-0)
● Cain: GSP ● Pettis: GSP ● Demetrious: GSP

Former Champs: Neutral (1-1-1)
● Edgar: GSP (Implied) ● JDS: Hendricks (Hard Fight) ● Mir: War

Others: (Hendricks 9: 5)
●Vera: GSP ● DC: Hendricks ● Davis: Hendricks ● TJ: Hendricks
●Hominick: Hendricks ● Dodson: Hendricks ● Koch: Hendricks
●Marquardt: GSP ● Wanderlei: GSP ● Mendez: Hendricks
● Glover: GSP ● McMann: Hendricks ● Te Huna: GSP
● Montague: Hedricks (said via right hand?…)

Didn’t Really Decide:
● Stout ● Maynard ● Kaufman ● Cerrone

● 9 for GSP ● 10 for Hendricks ● 5 Didn’t really decide

What do you think of the predictions? See any particular patterns thats worthy of debate?

Personally, I find it intriguing that the champions favor GSP, former champs are more neutral, and other fighters favor Hendricks. Is it just coincidence or just too small of a sample size? Either way, interesting to think about!