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Jon Jones on Richie Incognito: I’d Kill Him

Photo by Al Bello/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC Via Getty Images

In a recent interview with CBS in Washington D.C., UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones shared his thoughts on the man in the center of a recent bullying scandal on the NFL team, the Miami Dolphins. When Jones was asked if he could beat Richie Incognito in a fight, the young champ did not show an ounce of hesitation in his answer.

“I’d kill him,” he said.

Although it’s not likely that the two will ever actually fight one another, it’s still an entertaining prospect to think about: UFC fighters vs. bigger, stronger football players. That would be a spectacle worth watching.

“Someone tweet him, let him know I’d smoke him,” he said. “Easy.”

It should be noted that Jones didn’t seem serious about threatening Incognito on Twitter, but even so, it’s doubtful that the NFL player could do anything about it even if it were to actually happen. Incognito is currently under a ton of scrutiny. Recently revealed messages of him using profanity, racial slurs, and threats to intimidate and bully his fellow teammates has earned him the disliking of not just football fans, but all kinds of sports fans across America.

Jones currently has two brothers playing in the NFL for the Patriots and the Ravens.