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Nick Diaz Will Only Return to the UFC if He Gets $3-$5 for Each UFC PPV Buy

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A recent announcement at the UFC Fight Night 32 post-fight press conference by UFC President Dana White indicated that MMA veteran Nick Diaz was not going to make a return to the octagon anytime soon. Now, even more recent comments by Nick Diaz himself have buttressed that notion.

In an interview with FightersOnlyMag.com, Diaz explained his unrealistic demands for a return to the UFC.

“Well we could negotiate. I am a pretty big draw. So we would have to negotiate a pretty decent amount of pay and a pretty decent amount from the pay-per-view. I’m talking like three to five dollars [per PPV unit sold] the same as these other important fighters are getting, because I am out there putting on a show.”

Diaz last fought professionally at UFC 158 when he dropped a unanimous decision to welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre. Following that loss, he announced his retirement. He said he would only return to fighting if Dana White granted him an immediate rematch with GSP, but White quickly shot down any notions of an immediate rematch.

His recent demands of being granted “three to five dollars [per PPV unit sold]” are arguably just as unrealistic as his previous ones. So the narrative continues, and it seems unlikely that we’ll see Diaz return to the octagon anytime soon.

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