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TUF Vet Luke Cummo on the Run from the Police, Continues to Update Blog


UFC and The Ultimate Fighter vet Luke Cummo is reportedly on the run from the law after a domestic dispute with his ex-wife.

According to the New York Post, Cummo threatened his ex-wife over email during the custody battle for their two children. Police went to his home with an arrest warrant, only to find him missing.

Cummo was featured on the second season of The Ultimate Fighter, where he became known for his use of “urine therapy,” a practice where he drinks his own urine for the supposed nutritional benefits.

After the season, he went on to rack up a 3-4 record in the UFC, including a “Fight of the Night” award, before dropping out of the MMA scene in 2008.

A friend of Cummo’s told the New York Post that the former fighter’s behavior has become increasingly erratic, and that many of his former MMA colleagues have stopped talking to him.

He’s acting stranger and stranger. If you see his Facebook, you can see some weird stuff. He still trains people but a lot of his MMA brethren have stopped talking to him. He quit fighting, lost his job with the UFC. He’s really losing it.

Additionally, Bleacher Report has uncovered some strange video blogs on Cummo’s YouTube page. One video, which has since been deleted, Bleacher Report says features Cummo as he “prances around his home while rambling on and on about fictional characters from the movie Transformers.”

Interestingly, Cummo has continued to update Instagram  and his blog while on the run from the police.