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UFC Fight Night 32: Cezar Ferreira Edges Daniel Sarafian to a Split Decision Victory

Photo by UFC

Saturday night, Cezar Ferreira earned his third UFC victory in a row by defeating fellow Brazilian Daniel Sarafian. In a hard fought battle, Ferreira was tagged by hard shots several times, but persevered through barrages of punches and consistently took his opponent to the ground throughout the fight earning a well deserved split decision victory.

The beginning of the first round started out fairly uneventful. Sarafian quickly pressed his opponent up against the cage in an attempt to take the fight to the ground, but was unable to get past the takedown defense of Ferreira. The ref separated the fighters and brought them back to the center of the octagon. Sarafian tried taking the fight to the ground again by going for a guillotine choke but failed to secure it. Both fighters got back to their feet and the remainder of the round consisted of both fighters exchanging wild strikes, but neither fighter was able to gain a significant advantage over the other.

Sarafian began the second round with a hard leg kick. Ferreira responded by taking him down with a double leg. Eventually, the fighters got back to their feet and began swinging at each other with wild punches. Sarafian tagged Ferreira with a wild hook and made him stumble. Ferreira immediately went into survival mode and took Sarafian down with a double leg. He passed to half guard but was unable to inflict any substantial damage, so the ref stood the fighters back up. The round ended with Sarafian pressing Ferreira up against the cage trying to force a takedown.

The beginning of the third round started well for Sarafian as he landed a stiff right hand that pushed Ferreira back against the fence. Sarafian landed another good combination before Ferreira was able to circle out of Sarafian’s range and avoid being battered by more punches. Aware that he was losing the standup battle, Ferreira shot a double leg and got another takedown. Unable to mount an appreciable offense, the ref stood the fighter back up. Sarafian displayed extremely poor takedown defense as Ferreira almost instantly double legged him back to the ground. Sarafian was able to stand, but Ferreira jumped on his back and rapped him up with his legs while looking for the rear naked choke but was unable to lock it in.

The judges awarded a split decision victory to Cezar Ferreira.