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UFC Fight Night 32: Ryan LaFlare Defeats Santiago Ponzinibbio

Photo by UFC

Ryan LaFlare bested his Argentinean opponent Santiago Ponzinhibbio in all three rounds of their fight. The American outwrestled and outstruck Ponzinibbio consistently throughout the bout, earning him a unanimous decision victory.

With less than a minute into the first round, LaFlare got a double leg takedown and mounted Ponzinibbio. The Argentinean struggled to get back to his feet but was unable to outwrestle the American. After being smothered on the mat for quite some time,  Ponzinibbio was able to create a scramble and get back to his feet. Just as the horn sounded to signal the end of the round, the fighters appeared to start unloading punches.

The second round began with more technical striking from both fighters as they traded body kicks and leg kicks. Eventually, LaFlare shot a double leg and successfully took his opponent to the ground, but Ponzinibbio hastily worked his way back to his feet. LaFlare continued to pepper Ponzinibbio with body kicks, leg kicks, and small punching combinations. At about the two minute mark, Ponzinibbio tagged Laflare with some punches and began to unload against the American. A slugfest ensued and evoked loud cheers from the Brazilian crowd. LaFlare survived and got a double leg takedown at the one minute mark.

The third round got off to a good start for LaFlare as he landed yet another hard body kick to Ponzinibbio’s mid section. A minute and a half into the round, Ponzinibbio went for a spinning heel kick only for LaFlare to catch it and take him down. LaFlare worked elbows to the body and face from half guard before Ponzinnibio eventually worked his way back to his feet. LaFlare landed a huge left roundhouse kick against Ponzinibbio and dropped him, he immediately pounced and unleashed punches against his opponent, but Ponzinibbio amazingly survived and worked his way back to his feet. In a reverse of fortunes, Ponzinnibio landed an uppercut and dropped LaFlare, but was unable to finish him and even got reversed. The fight ended with LaFlare on top of Ponzinibbio.

All three judges scored the bout 30 to 27 in favor of LaFlare. The American won the fight via unanimous decision.