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UFC Fight Night 32 Prelim Results

Photo by UFC

Dustin Ortiz def. Jose Maria Tome via TKO

Maria opens the frame by going for a spinning back fist but just barely misses. Less than one minute into the round, Maria blasts Ortiz with an explosive double leg, but Ortiz quickly scrambles to his feet. Maria presses Ortiz up against the fence and earns another takedown, but Ortiz does a great job of getting back to his feet for a second time. Ortiz knees Maria in the groin and the fight is briefly separated as the ref gives Maria time to recover from the inadvertent low blow. When the fight continues, the crowd cheers loudly as Maria lands leg kicks against Ortiz. However, his success is short-lived after Ortiz gets a takedown. Maria quickly scrambles to his feet but eats a hard knee to the body in the process. Ortiz shoots a double leg and Maria tries to lock up a guillotine but is unable to force the tap as the round ends.

Maria goes for another spinning back fist and misses to start round two. The two men stand and trade but hit mostly air. Maria lands a couple of leg kicks and a left hook that drops Ortiz, but Ortiz quickly pops back up. While attempting an inside leg kick, Ortiz goes a little too high and kicks Maria in the groin. The fight is briefly paused by the ref and Ortiz receives a warning for his second low blow of the fight. The fight resumes and Maria begins to work the leg kicks again. Ortiz shoots for a takedown, but Maria sprawls and the fighters get back to their feet after a brief scramble. The fighters trade combinations and Maria presses Ortiz up against the fence with a single leg. Ortiz muscles it off and tries for a single leg of his own but fails to secure the takedown. Ortiz clinches and manhandles Maria down to the mat. Maria manages to scramble to his feet after eating a few elbows, and the fighters briefly get back to their feet before Ortiz shoots for a takedown and Maria tries to lock up another guillotine. The round ends with Maria holding onto a guillotine, but is once again unable to make Ortiz tap.

The final round begins with both fighters engaging one another in the clinch and fighting for control. Eventually, Ortiz gains the upper hand in the struggle and shucks Maria to the mat with a body lock. Ortiz mounts Maria and begins raining down short punches and elbow strikes. The hostile crowd boos Ortiz as they watch their beloved Brazilian getting smothered. Maria tries to scramble and manages to move Ortiz to half mount. Ortiz takes Maria’s back and begins to unleash punches to the side of his head, and the referee stops the fight. A few of the punches seemed to have hit the back of Maria’s head, which is illegal, but apparently, the ref didn’t notice.

Adriano Martins def. Daron Cruickshank via Submission

One minute has passed in the opening frame and both fighters still seem to be feeling each other out. Cruickshank is circling on the outside while Martins maintains control by remaining in the center of the octagon. The fighters trade a few kicks when suddenly, Martins lands a crushing left hand that drops Cruickshank. Cruickshank quickly goes into survival mode, avoids being pounded any further and quickly gets back to his feet. Martins continues to stalk Cruisckshank and lands a good two-punch combo that elicits cheers from the crowd. Cruickshank immediately pops back up and the fight continues. Cruickshank shoots for a takedown, but is thrown off balance and falls to the mat. Martin passes guard and sits in for an armbar but fails to secure it. The round ends with Martins in the half gaurd of Cruickshank.

Both fighters touch gloves to start off the second round. Cruickshank goes for a head kick and gets taken down. Martins patiently picks his strikes while in the full guard of his opponent. Martins works to half guard and tries to secure a kimura lock but is having difficulty torquing it because of Cruickshank using the fence to defend against the submission. Martins moves Cruickshank away from the fence and secures the kimura. Cruickshank is forced to tap and the ref stops the fight.

Justin Salas def. Thiago Tavares via Submission

The fighters trade some kicks before Tavares shoots for a takedown, only to be sprawled on by Salas. Tavares tries to pull guard but Salas refuses to go to the mat. The fighters get back to their feet and begin to exchange combinations. Tavares shoots for a double leg and gets a takedown with Salas against the fence. Tavares scoops Salas off the ground, carries him to the center of the octagon, and slams him agains the mat. A scramble ensues and Tavares takes his opponents back. Salas is in trouble. Tavares locks in a rear naked chokes and forces Salas to tap.

Omari Akhmedov def. Thiago De Oliveira Perpetuo via KO

Less than 30 seconds into the frame, Perpetuo drops Akhmedov and follows up with hammerfists, Akhmedov recovers and presses Perpetuo up against the fence. Akhmedov earns a takedown using a body lock, but Perpetuo quickly gets back up and tags Akhmedov with a wild right hand. Akhmedov stumbles but manages to shoot a double leg and secure a takedown. The Russian quickly takes the back of his opponent and tries to lock in a rear naked choke but fails. Perpetuo spins out of the choke and gets back to his feet. He double legs Akhmedov to the mat but is unable to hold him down. Both fighters tag each other with punches, but Akhmedov drops Perpetuo with a short right hook and the ref stops the fight.

Sam Sicilia def. Godofredo Castro via TKO

Castro presses Sicilia against the fence with a double leg. Sicilia does a flawless switch and ends up in the guard of his opponent, he immediately begins landing punches and elbows to his downed opponent. Sicilia stands up and continues to land strikes on Castro who is still laying on the ground. Castro quickly succumbs to Sicilia’s barrage of strikes. The ref stops the fight.