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Majority of Bellator 106 Tickets Were Complementary or Unsold

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Bellator 106 turned out to be the most successful event in the company’s history. It brought in 1.1 million views; that made it the most watched MMA event this fall. However, its stadium turnout did not prove to be as glamorous as its TV ratings.

According to MMAWeekly.com, Bellator 106 sold a total of 4,189 tickets, but that still left 5,855 tickets unsold. It’s also important to consider that 36% of the attendees that were there had received complimentary tickets. That’s makes a total 2,407 complimentary tickets.

The total attendance of the event was 6,596. That’s including complimentary and purchased tickets.

This news is probably drawing a smile on UFC President Dana White’s face somewhere. Bellator is currently in a distant 2nd place as the biggest mixed martial arts promotion in the U.S. The UFC is currently #1.

As we’ve seen time and time again, Dana White doesn’t like to have competitors.

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