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Dana White Talks About Uriah Hall-Mayhem Miller Altercation

Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

When Mayhem Miller insulted Uriah Hall with racial slurs at an MMA event in Commerce, California, Hall lost his temper and threw a punch at Miller before security had the separated. Dana White usually doesn’t like it when his fighters engage in brawls outside of the octagon, but recent comments by White have indicated that even he is willing to make exceptions.

At a recent media conference call, White addressed the Miller-Hall altercation:

We don’t ever want our fighters fighting outside of the Octagon, but guess what? There’s gonna be situations where men need to handle their business and that’s one of those cases. First of all, Mayhem Miller, how this guy is still walking the f***ing streets of America is beyond me, number one. Number two, he deserved what he got from Uriah Hall, and it’s no different from the situation with Roger Huerta, right? Roger Huerta was in a situation where a guy punched a girl in the face and knocked her out, knocked her unconscious. Then Roger Huerta knocked him out. There’s gonna be cases where I don’t give a sh*t.

Once again, the UFC President stays classy and explains controversies with the highest etiquette.

Mayhem Miller’s behavior has been very erratic as of late. The former TUF coach has been arrested multiple times this year and made conspicuous appearances in court. It appears the former fighter has been dealing with some mental health issues.

However, as far as White is concerned, that’s not his problem. White made it clear that he believes Mayhem deserved what he got.