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GSP: I Will Never Fight Rory MacDonald

Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Georges St-Pierre will be defending his title against Johny Hendricks next at UFC 167, but if he gets past that challenge, there’s one opponent he guarantees he will not face.

At a recent press event, GSP reaffirmed that he will never face training partner and friend Rory MacDonald.

“No. No, I’m not interested,” St-Pierre said when asked about the possibility.

MacDonald agrees, saying that he has no interest in fighting his friend, even for a shot at the title.

“Georges has done a lot for me as a young person,” MacDonald said. “He welcomed me to Montreal. He was one of the only people to help me a lot when I first got here. These things I don’t forget.”

“If you reverse the situation, we fight each other everyday in the training,” St-Pierre added. “He helped me get better as a martial artist and I help him get better as a martial artist as well. I’m not interested in fighting him. There’s other ways of doing things. I have plans for the future, other things. I can’t talk about it right now, but people will see soon.”

Nevertheless, GSP believes that MacDonald will one day be champion.

“I believe Rory will be champion,” he said. He’s got all the attributes physically, mentally. No doubt about that. He’s the new guy, the new generation. He’s the creme of the creme.”

St-Pierre and MacDonald have trained together at TriStar since 2010. MacDonald will face Robbie Lawler next at UFC 167. He is now 15-1 overall, and 6-1 in the UFC.