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TUF 18 Episode 10 Recap


As Ronda Rousey treats eliminated members of “TUF” house to burgers, fries and alcohol, semifinalists Raquel Pennington and Sarah Moras discuss how certain roommates get preferential treatment.

Once the food and booze are gone, Rousey bonds with her fighters and acknowledges that this was a gift for all their hard work. “We’re athletes. Your body is your business and we gotta take care of our bodies,” Rousey said.

Team Tate’s coaches work with Julianna Pena and Chris Holdsworth, alienating Louis Fisette. He says that coaches haven’t given him much attention since losing a quarterfinal bout.

The coaches and semifinalists visit the Harley Davidson boot camp, where all are told that the winning coach and winning fighter each receive a motorcycle. UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez rides in on a Harley and gives the fighters some words of encouragement.

The Ultimate Fighter 5 winner Nate Diaz makes an appearance during Team Rousey’s training session and demonstrates arm bar and kimura techniques.

Chris Holdsworth prepares for his semifinal fight with Michael Wootten but can’t help but feel isolated from him house mates. “I’m just starting to get kind of anti-social and doing my own thing. I’m just mentally zoning in on this last fight. Visualizing all the different scenarios going through my head and different things i’m going to implement against Mike Wootten,” Holdsworth said. His game plan is to push the pace and keep Wootten guessing as to whether he will wrestle or strike.

Wootten is feeling homesick and finds it hard to prepare for his fight. While the teammates are partying, he is finding ways to pass the time. “The fight before this one was a pretty tough fight and I feel like I haven’t really recovered from that fight,” Wootten said. “I’ve been wrestling well, I still feel like my body hasn’t had a chance to catch up from the weight cut, the fight and then jumping straight back into training.”

As the first semifinal match gets underway, Holdsworth circles while throwing erratic jabs. Wootten is clinched against the fence and Holdsworth begins to take control. As Wootten tries to get to his feet, he is caught in a front choke. Holdsworth jumps on Wootten’s back, slides in a body lock and gets him to tap on a rear naked choke.

Holdsworth’s advances and will meet either Anthony Gutierrez or Davey Grant at The Ultimate Fighter 10 finale. Next week, Pena and Moras face off for the first spot in the women’s final.