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Dominick Cruz: I’ve Worked the ‘Cage Rust’ Out of My System With Correct Training

Photo via UFC.com

Dominick Cruz is preparing to return to the octagon after a two year absence. After such a lengthy period of downtime, most fighters would want at least one warm up bout before jumping back into the top tiers of competition.

Cruz isn’t getting that opportunity though, as his first fight back will be a hotly anticipated title unification bout against interim bantamweight champion Renan Barao. Cruz isn’t worried though, and feels that “cage rust” is just a myth.

“I feel that cage rust is something that’s brought up to give odds makers something to bet on,” said Cruz. “I think you can work it completely out of your system as long as you’re in training camp and training correctly.”

“The biggest part about ring rust is the mental part,” he added. “I think a lot of that comes from not being able to control your adrenaline; not being able to understand where you are at. You can figure all of that out in camp (if) you put yourself on those predicaments and rough situations.”

Cruz has not fought since late 2011, when he defended his title against Demetrious Johnson.